World Class Blackvue Vehicle Camera Solutions. Cloud based dash and reversing cameras right through to multi-camera recording systems ​​

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BlackVue has set the standard in the car dashcam industry since it was established in 2007. Taking car dashboard camera technology to the next level with its Full-HD 1-channel and 2-channel dashcams,
​BlackVue is now opening new possibilities for its users with BlackVue Over the Cloud. Anytime, anywhere, BlackVue dashcams connect people and their cars through the Cloud.

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The Best Dashcam for Trucks and Heavy Vehicles
The DR650S-2CH TRUCK is ideal for most commercial trucks. The waterproof infrared rear camera connects to the front unit via a 20m video cable. This allows to monitor not only the road behind, but also cargo loading and unloading operations.
The rear camera is completely waterproof, with a sturdy metal frame.The luminosity sensor in the rear camera detects ambient brightness, activating automatically the six IR lights to identify vehicles and objects even in the dark. 
The 15m (and optional 20m) high-quality waterproof coaxial cable is ideal for trucks and trailers and guarantees a pristine image even over long distance.
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The BlackVue DR650S-1CH is the ultimate in Cloud Dashcam
technology, featuring remote Live View capability.
The DR650S-1CH is a single-channel dashcam includes Wi-Fi, GPS, impact and motion detection as well as Cloud connectivity, the DR650S-1CH sits elegantly under the windshield, behind the rearview mirror, without obstructing the driver’s field of view.
 Full HD 1080p @30fps
With its Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor, the DR650S-1CH records fluid videos of the front of your car in Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second, at a 129° angle of view.
With the free Over the Cloud add-on servic
e, get more out of your dashcam.

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What is BlackVue Over the Cloud?
The FREE BlackVue Over the Cloud Application combines state-of-the-art dashcam technology with cloud ubiquity to make the most out of your BlackVue dashcam. Video backup, real-time GPS-tracking, alarm, the possibilities are endless. BlackVue Over the Cloud is all about using your dashcam to its full potential, so that you and your car are always connected.

How does it work?
Taking advantage of a mobile or car-embedded Internet connection and a BlackVue dashcam, BlackVue Over the Cloud connects you to your car through the Cloud. Using the BlackVue App on your smartphone or tablet, you see in real time where your car is located and what is happening around it.

Sample 2-CH Video 


How can BlackVue Over the Cloud benefit you?
Drivers love the peace of mind procured by dashcams, as those embedded cameras can provide video proof in case of an accident. BlackVue Over the Cloud largely augments the features of a dashcam by pairing it with the Cloud. BlackVue Over the Cloud provides value to everyone.

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